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Football Cards are our only business

At we sell only single football cards.  We believe we have the best selection of any player, team, or college on the web, and our cards go back into the 1970s.  We also have the most collector-friendly search engine available on the web.  You can search for players out of your favorite university, cards of your favorite team or your favorite players, or, if you are trying to complete sets, you can search for the year and brand you need.


Our prices are hard to beat, and we offer very generous volume discounts for dealers or serious collectors who need a lot of our cards.


We post new cards as soon as they are released, so check our website every month or so for the cards we just added that we didn't have in stock before.  Just check the box just above the "Search" button at the bottom of the page, "New Cards last 30 days:" You can even set up a search for what you collect, for example, "Raiders" on the "Team" dropdown, then click on "Cards last 30 days:" and view only the new cards we just added that you collect.


Thanks for visiting our website and please e-mail us at 5thqtr if you have any questions.