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Terms and Conditions


All sales are final with the following exceptions:


v     Misidentified Cards:  Due to the large number of parallel sets and insert subsets in recent years we occasionally misidentify cards.  If this happens please return the misidentified card for a full refund.


v     Cards damaged in shipping.

Cards are shipped very carefully with liberal use of packing beads, hard plastic top loaders and snap cases, , bubble packs, etc. to ensure safe delivery. However, if your cards are damaged in shipping, please return them for a full refund.  Insurance may be purchased on larger shipments at our discretion and at our expense.


v     Off Grade Cards:

All cards from the website are guaranteed to be near mint or better according to the Beckett® monthly price guide description. 


Beckett® Description:

Near mint:  "Centering of 70/30 to 60/40.  In addition, one of the following  minor flaws is allowed:  a slight touch of wear on two or three corners, slightly rough edges, minor print spots, color or focus imperfections." Most of our cards are right out of the box and we have had practically zero complaints about condition. We throw away cards with notable imperfections.



A refund will be sent for any cards we can't find.  Our web site is designed to "lock up" cards that you put into your shopping cart.  However, it is a huge job computerizing all of our cards and mistakes occur.  We cannot guarantee that we will have every card you order.  We reserve the right to send you a refund for any cards you order that we cannot find.  We will not make substitutions without your express permission. 


Refunds for returned cards will be via check or cash.  We are not able to reverse credit card charges.