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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q.    What browsers does your site support?

A. The site has been optimized for use with Internet Explorer 6.x.  The only version of Netscape that has been proven to work is Netscape Version 7.x. The site has also been successfully tested in the latest versions of Firefox (1.5) as well as Mozilla.  If you would like to upgrade your browser click on either : 

Microsoft Internet Explorer
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 Q.    How long will cards remain in my shopping card?

A.  Your shopping cart will be automatically emptied when you close your browser and/or turn off your computer, or 24 hours after you begin an order, whichever happens first (Remember the Host Server is running on EDT or EST depending on the time of the year).  Be sure to plan so you can complete an order within a single session on your computer, and 24 hours after beginning.


Q.  Do you trade cards?

A.  We do not trade.  There is too much work involved in putting cards into our database and taking other cards out to make trading desirable.  We suggest you try some of the many online sites set up for trading.


Q.  Do you buy cards?

A.  We do purchase cards, mostly in large quantities, and of course at a large markdown from Beckett. Our prices tend to run at around 50% of high Beckett, so of course our buy prices have to be considerably less than that in order for us to realize a profit. Please send us an email if you have large amounts of football cards to sell.


Q.  Why are some of your card prices over book?

A.  There are two possible reasons for this.  First, we have a huge database, prices constantly change and it is a lot of work trying to stay on top of pricing.  If you think a card is priced high because it is a mistake, please feel free to ask us about it.  Secondly, prices change before you see them change in Beckett® price guide.  Remember, it is Beckett’s job to report what we and other card dealers are charging. Beckett does not set card prices. Prices are determined by supply and demand.


Q.  Why are there mistakes in your database?

A.  The answer to this is probably obvious.  We don’t make mistakes on purpose, it is just a huge job computerizing tens of thousands of cards and sometimes we make mistakes.  If you see a player listed with the wrong team or college, please let us know.  We appreciate your help in keeping our database accurate.


Q.  Do you take wantlists?

A.  No.  One of the wonderful things about our database is that you can easily find the cards you need if we have them.  If you need certain cards, simply search for them.  If you need some 1997 Topps cards to complete a set, just type “1997” in the “Year” field and click on “Topps” in the dropdown in the “Brand” field and run the search.


Q.  Do you sell team sets or boxes or packs of cards?

A.  We only sell single cards.That's our specialty, one stop shopping for singles to help complete your collection.